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Patrick Vieira: Italian Football Is Racist
The Frenchman has raised his voice over certain attitudes in Serie A as he calls for more action against the offenders...

Patrick Vieira: Italian Football Is Racist

Internazionale midfielder Patrick Vieira has joined the chorus of voices coming out of Serie A by claiming Italy is a racist country; a month after teammate Christian Chivu said the same thing.

Vieira has been injured for most of the season but after making a recovery, he has returned to training.

Although the former Gunner enjoys his mega wage deal every week, he has come out to take a swipe at the country where he currently plies his trade.

"Being a black player in Italy is difficult compared to other countries because you always receive abuse," Vieira told

"I have been in Italy for four years and fans have always given me trouble. The best response is to stay quiet and remain focussed on the pitch.

"Calcio and the authorities should do more to combat the problem of racism, the situation is getting better but there is still plenty to do.

"Football is important in our society and we can use it to launch important messages.

"Fifa needs to react because it's easy to see those who launch racist chants in the stands."

He continued: "I think the best thing is to stop them from coming into the stadium all together and make them understand through their clubs.

"It's also a shame that there aren't many black coaches in football. It's a mistake because we should have faith in them."

Vieira took part in Wednesday's training session but he is unlikely to feature against Siena this weekend.

His comments will no doubt raise a debate regarding the situation in Serie A.

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