Monday, December 28, 2009

Music Monday's

What a great year for singer Oceana. Her first single “Cry Cry” was a number 1 hit in 7 european countries, she`s been travelling a lot this year to France, Poland, Russia, Romania and many other countries to promote her single and the fantastic album “Love Supply”. The album is a wonderful collection of soul, funk, pop and reggae songs. After “Cry Cry” and her second single “Pussycat On A Leash”, Oceana will release “Lala” as the next single. She just finished the video for the song, which she shot in Paris, the city she was born.

In the performance video you can see what a great dancer the singer is. Sexy moves that fit perfect to the sexy song. The song will be released as single in early 2010 and you`ll see more of Oceana in 2010!

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