Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vote Best FutbolrTV Video 2009

Below is top 5 viewed videos of 2009. Also check for more:





FutbolrTV had a exciting year documenting the life and travels of Futbolr Clothing line. Let us know what is your favorite video of 2009.
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Anonymous said...

Definitley I'm So Special Kei Kamara was a classic...LMAO

caliFutbolr said...

Nothing beats that Futbolr dancing with stars..ha ha When the player started cartwheeling i fell out my seat.

Anonymous said...

Kei Kamara I'm So Special Video was awesome. I & love that song

Ready2Shine said...

Hard to pick one they're all dope! Sean Paul, Beanie freestyle was ill, but for a true representation of Futbolr Clothing across the board, you gotta go with Kei's I'm So Special and the original Futbolr Addiction!! But thats just me.

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Gary said...

The last one for sure man. Well produced and good for marketing!

RODNEY said...

i think all is right about the best representation of Futbolr is kei Kamara...but being i am in music i have to go with Sp and Beenie freestyle ha!..big up Futbolr!!.. RHH