Thursday, February 11, 2010

Futbolrs turn Reality stars

On the latest hit reality shows "Jersey Shore" and "Bad Girl Clubs" the hottest females contestants are Futbolrs.

Jersey Shore Sam "Sweatheart"

Sammi “Sweetheart” is actually a former college soccer player.
On the latest MTV hit show "Jersey Shore," Sammie is the self-described "sweetest [expletive] you'll ever meet" to add to the list. Sammie, whose real name is Sam Giancola, was a midfielder on the women's soccer team at William Paterson University.

"Bad Girls Club" Natalie Nunn

Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club brings seven self-proclaimed “bad girls” together in a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles. These women recognize that they have issues with anger, trust, and control and that their behavior has subsequently hindered their relationships, careers and lives. The point of the show is for these girls to come together, recognize similar destructive patterns in their roommates and hopefully change their ways. The controversial Natalie Nunn has been the root of all the drama.
Natalie Nunn played for USC women soccer team and she tweets 'SOCCER SKILLS BABY CAME IN FINALLY ... KICKED THE SH*T OUTTA UR MONKEY ASS!! LOL' when referring to a fight on the reunion show with her roomate flo.

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