Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 10 Club Brands

So Brand Finance is a global company that evaluates other companies, so yearly they place their time and energy to release the top brands in the world of futbol. These rankings are based on the income that is received from Matchday, Broadcast and Licensing of the club's branding. This ranking has been available to the public since 2005 and as of last year the names in the top 10 haven't changed in name, only in position. It seems right consider my team is #1, after moving up 1 spot to trade with Man. U. The rest of the top 10 is static except for the 8-10 clubs doing a little shuffling. Do we see another team being able to break through into the top 10 in the near future? Manchester City, Bordeaux, Ajax?

1. Real Madrid (£386m)
Ranking 2010: 1st. 2009: 2nd. Value: £386m
Average Attendance: 64,300. Key Sponsors: Bwin, Adidas
Franchise player: Cristiano Ronaldo

2. Manchester United (£373m)
Ranking 2010: 2nd. 2009: 1st. Value: £373m
Average Attendance: 74,800. Key Sponsors: Aon, Nike
Franchise Player: Wayne Rooney

3. Barcelona (£362m)
Ranking 2010: 3rd. 2009: 3rd. Value: £362m
Average Attendance: 76,000. Key Sponsors: Unicef Nike
Franchise Player: Lionel Messi

4. Bayern Munich (£301m)
Ranking 2010: 4th. 2009: 4th. Value: £301m
Average Attendance: 69,000. Key Sponsors: T-Home, Adidas
Franchise Player: Arjen Robben

5. Arsenal (£215m)
Ranking 2010: 5th. 2009: 5th. Value: £215m
Average Attendance: 59,800. Key Sponsors: Emirates, Nike
Franchise Player: Cesc Fabergas

6. Chelsea (£200m)
Ranking 2010: 6th. 2009: 6th. Value: £200m
Average Attendance: 41,400. Key Sponsors: Samsung, Adidas
Franchise Player: Didier Drogba

7. AC Milan (£167m)
Ranking 2010: 7th. 2009: 7th. Value: £167m
Average Attendance: 41,600. Key Sponsors: Emirates, Adidas
Franchise Player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

8. Inter Milan (£160m)
Ranking 2010: 8th. 2009: 9th. Value: £160m
Average Attendance: 52,500. Key Sponsors: Pirelli, Nike
Franchise Player: Diego Milito

9. Liverpool (£141m)
Ranking 2010: 9th. 2009: 8th. Value: £141m
Average Attendance: 43,300. Key Sponsors: Standard Chartered Bank, Adidas
Franchise Player: Fernando Torres

10. Juventus (£127m)
Ranking 2010: 10th. 2009: 9th. Value: £127m
Average Attendance: 23,900 Key Sponsors: Betclick, Nike
Franchise Player: Alessandro Del Piero

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