Thursday, November 18, 2010

#1 Spot

It's clear that between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi you have the top 2 Futbolrs in the world. Now, to pick who is at the top goes deep into debate. You can take into account World Cup, La Liga or Champions League success and still have a strong debate for either side. But, it seems that yesterday during the friendlies both of these magician came out to perform.

Messi, was able to get involved with his effective dribbling and even curled a shot off the outer post of the upper 90 with precision. That might have been spectacular on the other side of the post, but 2 minutes into injury time Leo decided that noone wanted a draw. So he drove into 2 brazil defenders cut to his left at the top of the box and paced a perfect strike out of the reach of Brazil's keeper Viktor. Top Futbolr?

Well, maybe CR7 had watched the Brazil vs. Argentina because he was on a mission to spank the Spanish in front of a lightly attended Portuguese crowd. Ronaldo showed amazing individual effort by taking a ball down the wing at full pace, cutting the ball behind himself in the box losing the defender, feigning the next defender, drawing San Iker out of the goal and placing a perfect chip only for offside Nani to head a ball that was already going in to be disallowed. We all know Ronaldo is a whiner, but I was with him on this one. Not too long after, Cristiano once again took another Spanish defender to the practice pitch with a brilliant spanner and shot that rebounded to set up the first goal of a 4-0 lashing of Spain via Portugal.

Take a look at the highlights for yourself:

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