Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Chelsea Juggernaut Sputters

Bagga Wilks

The English Premier League has become unpredictable despite the financial separation of the rich clubs versus the poor clubs. This is particularly the case as the top teams often play in the Championship League during the week and unsurprisingly some of the key players perform as if they have been affected by “jet lag”.

On Sunday afternoon last year champions, Chelsea sputtered as a struggling Liverpool team displayed their new-found togetherness. Fernando Torres, recognized as one of the premier strikers in the world of football, has not been himself since failing in the World Cup. Torres lacked match practices as he rushed an injury to return to the Spanish World Cup squad. He played poorly in the World Cup and performed similarly since the new season in the English Premier League.

Form is never automatic for an athlete and Torres for months struggled to find his rhythm on the soccer field. His return to form was instrumental in turning the Chelsea juggernaut back in their tracks. Torres scored two outstanding goals against the seemingly impregnable Chelsea defence. Liverpool has gotten a fresh start in the 2010-11 season and if Torres maintains his form, then on any given afternoon, Liverpool has more than an excellent chance of knocking off the Goliahs of the League.

Arsenal vs Newcastle

Newcastle travelled to the Emirates home ground unintimidated by the 60,000 Arsenal fans on hand. The newly promoted Newcastle played like they belonged in the English Premier League. Their English prospect, Carroll, scored a
swell header in the closing minutes of the first half. Newcastle’s, Mid-field player from the Ivory Coast, Tiote, was brilliant and was a thorn in Arsenal’s side the entire ninety minutes.

Arsenal had all their big guns in the line-up. But Fabregas was not his usual creative self and Song was far from sharp. Walcott was easily contained by the Newcastle defence. For the entire ninety minutes, Arsenal was too predictable in their passing game and Newcastle kept picking them off and mounting counter attacks. Even Van Perse returned as a substitute but he showed his rustiness. For the time he was on the pitch, he was not a factor. The Arsenal 2010-11 season is still very much undetermined.

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