Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Futblor Guide to MLS Cup in Toronto

Let's face it, we would have loved to have the Galaxy vs. Red Bulls finals to see all the DPs and World Cup stars, but it definitely didn't happen that way. So in the mean time we get to meet some of the most exciting MLS players off the media radar, like Omar Cummings(Colorado Rapids) & David Ferreira(FC Dallas) to name two. All of this going down in Futbolr Safari's hometown. So we have to give you the real lifestyle look of this amazingly multi-cultural city which is has been recommended by Futbolrs Mo Edu, Edson Buddle & native Dwayne DeRosario.

First things first, soccer is a world game, so Toronto's motto "The World in One City" is fitting. You can find all the cultural pockets to enjoy futbolr lifestyle in whatever language you'd like.
  • Corso Italia - Italians love their Calcio, so if you are look for a bit of Serie A to start your day go hang with the goodfellas on St. Clair @ Dufferin.
  • Little Portugal - Just 3 major blocks north of BMO Field the Iberian coast is living in this neighbourhood that boasts a large Portuguese/Brazilian community, cafes and sports clubs to watch the games or hang out in front with the elders. Dndas St. W. @ Dufferin
  • Chinatown - Every city has a chinatown and this is where you can get the most deals, if you're ready to bargain. Spadina btwn Dundas & Queen
  • Eglinton West - This is the furthest north we're going to tell you to go but, the caribbean vibes are amazing and welcoming. A 15 minute cab ride from downtown toronto will get you the best Jerk Chicken north of Kingston Jamaica! Eglinton @ Dufferin
  • The Danforth - This is where you can hang out with our Mediterranean friends for souvlakis, pitas and baklavas. Subway: Pape Station | Intersection Danforth @ Pape

Let's face it, noone wants a stuffy hotel. Nowadays you want to feel like you're paying for more than a closet. Here are some suggestions.
  • The Drake Hotel: personalized rooms, amazing resto/lounge and walking distance to BMO Field.
  • Thompson Hotel: The new kid in town has all that you want, 24 diner and walking distance to BMO

These are 3 must try options, but don't get it confused. Eating in Toronto is like going to the world fair! Get your Urbanspoon app and go crazy.
  • Smoke's Poutinerie - Fries, Gravy, Cheese + more in one box!
  • School Bakery & Cafe - more than the name suggests. The sunday brunch is boss. 5min walk to BMO Field
  • New Ho King - This is the late night chinese that will be ready for you, even if it's after 3a.m.

Pick Up Soccer
After all the indulging we still have to keep our weekly sweat here are a couple weekend pick-up runs.
  • University of Toronto Campus - join a run on campus midday on Saturday and Sunday. College St. E. of University.
  • If you're up for the 15min drive take a trip to Toronto Soccer Plex for $15 pick up session on Saturday 1-3p or 4-6p

Soccer Stores
Unfortunately, the stores to get your best kicks are located on the outskirts away from the downtown core. But, we still have to give you the goods.
  • Si Vu Play Sports - Not only is the selection broad, but the price is right.
  • L&M Taylor Soccer is a new spot I walked into last month. Close to downtown (2046 Yonge @Davisville). Good staff.

We all know that Futbolrs don't think twice about staying out late to celebrate. So here are a few sure shots that would rival any other MLS teams nightlife. Just a heads up drinks are served till 2 a.m. but most venues allow you to stay up till 3 a.m.
  • Nyood is your typical quality night club. Never disappointing unless you try to get in at rockstar hours, go early.
  • King St West is an area where you can take your pick of bottle service clubs.
  • Midpoint(Queen St.) for a relaxed drink and good music. Hip-Hop or Indie Rock

Taxis have been noted as the most expensive in North America, so if you can manage a week pass on the TTC(Buses & Subway) for $36.

Any other questions hit me up on twitter. And last but not least enjoy Toronto and the MLS CUP!

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