Sunday, April 3, 2011

Houston Dynamo Geoff Cameron talks to FutbolrTV

Houston Dynamo midfielder Geoff Cameron sits down w/ Futbolr TV to discuss coming back from injury, USMNT camp and more.
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Anonymous said...

Geoff Cameron We love you man; we know is just a matter of time for you to break in the usmnt line up. because BBradley is going to have to bring you in. Don't give a f* how deep the midfielders pools are. Your are the target player who can score from set pieces and from distance shots. Trust me BBradley knew it too.

Anonymous said...

all the crosses Timothy Chandler was putting in the box during the game USA vs Paraguay and no one could do nothing about that. Donavan too short. Dempsey not tall enough, and Altidore inefective. That's why I say B Bradley need to bring Cameron in the line up; because he doesn't have too much choice.

Anonymous said...

Only a dumb coach like Bob Bradley would be blind not to bring Cameron in the line up. Bob Bradley need a tall, talented,strong player; somebody like Cameron who can score and to make use of those crosses that coming from Chandler and Licjaj to the box.