Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Futbol Over Everything

What is more important than watching the UEFA Champions League final? That is the question that the title sponsor Heineken set out to answer, interviewing over 5,000 men from 15 countries. Most men do not think much is worth missing the finals, including a date with a Victoria's Secret Supermodel. Huh? I say bring her to the game...

Here are other percentages that men would ditch for a chance to watch the Champions League Final.

A friend's stag-party (62%)
A date with a girlfriend/wife (58%)
Meeting a girlfriend's parents for the first time (55%)
An important meeting with the boss (48%)
A mother's birthday (46%)
Best-man's duties (44%)
Wedding anniversary (44%)
Girlfriend's birthday (44%)
University Graduation Ceremony (43%)
An important hospital appointment (43%)

So ladies, plan accordingly for next year May and guys, make notes of the important dates and do not commit to a day that you know should be marked off your calendar for the best in European football.

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