Monday, May 16, 2011

Futbolr Youth Diary #1: Richard Robinson


This was a good week for me, I played well at practice and got a break this weekend from any games. Practice is always intense, it's always a competition between us players because everyone wants a start. Even though for some players it seems no matter how hard they work, it's still not enough. I like practice a lot more now because we get to play with the ball. Preseason or break is over so we don't do as much running anymore. We used to have to run miles in the cold or do sprints till we passed out.

I've been playing alot better ever since I took my fathers advice to just play my game and not change it for my coaches. I've been playing good lately, but this week not so much. I came in late second half as forward. I didn't really get used to the speed of the game when I got in. I felt all over the place, I was playing awkward in a way, not my usual smooth self that I'm known for. The worst thing about it though was my coach called me out in front of everyone on how poorly I did. I understand he sees me as key player on the team and is hard on me for reason but I still deserve some respect. On the other hand the week is over and I plan on starting this week fresh and get over it.

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