Monday, May 23, 2011

Futbolr Youth Journal #2: Richard Robinson (Albertson U-16)

Week 2

School was really good this week. It's been getting really busy and hectic since school is coming to a close. I am getting bombarded with end of the year tests and Regent exams. I am happy though how everything has turned out because I know that my senior year will be a great one and a pressure free one. I am committed to going to the University of Clemson in S.C. I have to thank God for how everything has turned out. My mentor and personal trainer Mookie helped me with everything.

Practice has been good this week. I have been feeling very strong with my play in practice and my touch,dribble,and shots feels a lot better. I scored a lot in practice and am excited about the game this week. It is an important one because our season depends on it. Our coach wants us to go for it and not play it safe when it comes to attacking; hopefully we can follow through with this goal.

My team Albertson SC U-16 was lined up against Met Oval, I just played my game and we did really good as a team. We came back from a goal down to win two to one. We were a little nervous at half but our coaches gave us some support and had belief in us. I made sure that I would make a difference for my team some how. We scored in the second half to come back; I scored the first goal to tie and than assisted the second goal to win 2 - 1. I am really happy about my performance today and the week; I look forward to next week.

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