Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Place Kick w/ Edson Buddle

Hey Futbolrs, as you know we are always keeping you in the mix w/ the lifestyle of your favorite sport. Here's a new section that will keep you close to the travelling pros. We call it Place Kick, a quick Q & A with focus on what the players are up to.

First up we have Edson Buddle of FC Ingolstadt of Bundesliga 2. Currently, with their eyes on a title season, Die Schanzer are in pre-season training across the border to the east. Here's former LA Galaxy striker taking a Place Kick for Futbolr.

Ftblr: When did you guys get to Austria & how long are u staying?
Edson Buddle: We arrived in Achenkirch, Austria on Mon Jun. 27th. We are here for 7 days.

Ftblr: How many training sessions a day?
EB: 3 times a day training. 8:30am, 11am, 5pm

Ftblr: Any injuries?
EB: No

Ftblr: How you feeling?
EB: Your typical preseason soreness tight everywhere

Ftblr: In shape or not?
EB: I'm getting there. Its hard to tell w/ 3-a-days lol

Ftblr: Any games played as yet?
EB: We played a few games Back in Germany. Were on our way to play a game now vs. Dinamo Bucharest, Romania. Then 1 more game Saturday vs FC Zestafoni from Georgia.

Ftblr: What's been your best or common past time off the field while in Austria?
EB: Lots of R&R. Our day's are compact w/ training. I love to sleep. Waking up to the view on my balcony every morning(below). Very scenic in Austria

Ftblr: Have u had any local food, and how was it?
EB: They have different local fish that they've been serving. (I don't know the names) I'm a seafood lover & it's been pretty good.

Best of luck to the training and upcoming 11/12 season for Edson Buddle & FC Ingolstadt. Check back with Futbolr for your lifestyle updates!

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