Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We can all name players from Manchester United and debate their transfer fees and speculation for this coming year, but at least one of those Red Devils is from Ecuador. This could be a who cares moment, but director/producer BETTY BASTIDAS(of Ecudorian descent) decided to figure out more about Ecuador's futbol background. During this time she noticed the divide between the economic & social that were only removed through futbol. Check out the video above that shows the to-date footage of the project named Dreamtown. They are currently involved with a fundraising initiative facilitated by Kickstarter and have until this Thursday morning to have their pledges hit their target. Please head over to learn more about Dreamtown and make the assist.

When this post went up there was a need for 20k in funding needed in 36 hours. The Dreamtown team made their goal before their deadline and will continue to make their film. Thanks to all the Futbolrs who made this dream happen, this is what the beautiful game is all about.

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