Monday, August 22, 2011

English Premier League Wrap Up

By Bagga Wilks

The Riot in Tottenham Continues

Tottenham’s first scheduled game in the EPL was canceled because of the rioting throughout the United Kingdom. Tottenham traveled to Old Trafford to play their first game of the season and ran into a riot. Tottenham was routed by the Manchester aggregation of Welbeck, Rooney, Young, Nani, Anderson and Cleverly. The machine gunners were ably supported by Smalling, Jones, Evans and Evra. The only aspect of Manchester United game yet to click is Da Gea, the new Spanish goalkeeper who seems to be fighting the Spanish Civil War within himself.

The pace, the movement, the clever pacing of Manchester’s new nucleus was too much for Tottenham and by the start of the second half the rout had begun. Tottenham got their chances and were competitive at times but were shellacked.

Wenger’s Strategy

Just approximately another week before the transfer window closes and it is unlikely that with the departure of Fabregas and Nasri, Wenger will make any bold moves to fill the void. Arsenal lost to Liverpool 2-0 over the weekend playing at the Emirates. Liverpool failed to score while Arsenal had eleven players on the pitch. Once Fripong was issued a second yellow, Liverpool managed to score two goals.

Since coming to Liverpool, Dalglish has been some smart moves. Suarez again demonstrated his worth once he got on the pitch in the second half. His runs, his passing and his goal scoring, make Liverpool a different team.

Wenger thinks that his younger players – Fripong, Welshire, Ramsey, Miquel, and Jenkinson can keep Arsenal at the top of the tables. The return of Vermaelen to anchor the defense has made a marked difference.

There is some talk of Kaka leaving Madrid and coming to Arsenal. Kaka needs to leave Madrid and would benefit immensely coming out of the shadow of Ronaldo. He appears to be over his injuries and if he is going to re-capture his greatness, he needs to be playing every day. But Wenger is convinced that Arsenal’s future is in the womb of his yet-to-be born youth squad.

Mancini Has Finally Got It

No team in the history of the EPL has spent as much money as Manchester City to achieve greatness. Last year, they emerged as contenders but even though they won the F.A. Cup, they never looked like champions.

For the 2012 season, much seems to have fallen in place. The aggregation of Aquero, Dzeko, Toure, Silva De Jeong, Milner and Johnson make them a formidable team. With goalscorers, Dzeko and Aquero, the playmaker, Silva, will be even more devastating. For harmony, Mancini should find a place to park Balottelli and Tevez.

Chelsea and the Struggling Torres

Form in soccer and in sports in general has always been inexplicable. It comes and goes. Unfortunately with Torres, he has not been able to re-capture his goal-scoring prowess. The talent that he possesses could not have evaporated. Torres’ problem is more psychological. He has to find ways to extricate himself from the self-induced rut.

Chelsea still lacks the playmaker. They have acquired Juan Mata and he will be put to the test. The team desperately needs creativity and even though the acquisition was made at the eleventh hour, in the middle of the rough and tumble, Juan Mata should make a difference.

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