Monday, October 31, 2011

MLS Gets Scrappy

Who says that the players in MLS don't have passion? After L.A. Galaxy squeaking past the N.Y. Red Bulls 1-0 with a brilliant ball from Beckham to Magee for a goal that had Red Bull defence and keeper looking for an offside whistle. But, that's nowhere near the excitement after the final whistle was blown. Designated Players Rafa Marquez & Landon Donovan decided to up the ante for the 2nd round match-up this Thursday in Los Angeles. Marquez took the ball and gave it a pretty good toss at Donovan that started a scuffle where Marquez's head-butt and right hook were lacking in comparison to throw the ball, because he caught wind on both attempts. If that wasn't bad enough Rafa ended his performance with a phantom K.O. that laid him out on the Red Bull Arena pitch(Above). Enjoy the full foolishness below.

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