Monday, December 19, 2011

Game On

words by Ana Raya

The answer that every WPS fan was waiting for came as an early Christmas present this month as The U.S. Soccer Board of Directors approved the Women’s Professional Soccer league to continue its fourth season in 2012, with five active teams. The approval came with certain conditions that are related to the league’s expansion in the future years.

The power of the social media showed US Soccer the tremendous amount of support from fans around the world. Over 50 thousand people signed the petition to let their voice be heard and US Soccer listened.

Now the fourth season is around the corner and will begin in April 2012, Atlanta Beat, Boston Breakers, Philadelphia Independence, Sky Blue FC and Western NY Flash will battle it out in a five-month schedule.

The next step in helping this league grow is attending these games. It’s not enough to sign a petition, it’s not enough to tweet your favorite players, and it’s not enough to read articles on WPS. What will help this league expand and stay alive is for you to buy tickets and be a witness to the beautiful games these ladies showcase on a weekly basis. The best players around the world are here in your backyard, all you have to do is dedicate 90 minutes of your life per week and I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed. When the players reach the field and they look out to the stands, they are looking for you. You are who they perform for, you are who they play their hearts out for, you are who they sacrifice family and special events for, you are who they leave everything on the field for. You are who they look forward to seeing, You are who they play for, NOW the time has come for YOU to be there for them.

Please help this league grow and show up for the games. Thank you.

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