Friday, February 3, 2012

Futbolr Diary: Matheau "Dupe" Hal at USL Pro Combine

Matheau "Dupe" Hal is a Futbolr from Virginia Beach Florida. He played collegiate at Tyler Junior College & Grand Canyon University before he began his journey to make it as a pro. While many Futbolr fans were concentrating on MLS combine & draft, Dupe came to the 2012 USL PRO Combine presented by Umbro, held at IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida last weekend.

Below Dupe gives us his daily breakdown of his experience & thoughts.

Day 1
First day of combine complete & was really cool. I met all the guys and coaches. Ran 4.01 & 4.08 for my 30m Sprint. We also did the yo yo test where I ran 18.5. I feel great and now have to get ready for tomorrow. First game bright and early. This is what we sacrifice for.

Day 2
Just finished the first game. I played well but I think I can do a little better in my movement and speed. Overall not bad look but I will need to improve in the second game. Had a good lunch and took a nice little nap. Now Im relaxed and ready to play the second game. Im hydrated and just feel good but a little sore.
In the second game I came off the bench in the second half and had a immediate impact. While playing right back I made a lot more runs, but did rush a few passes and could have served more balls in the box. We lost the second game but created a lot of my teams chances when I came in a the game. It changed as soon as I entered.

Day 3
Today is the final day. I improved and played well. Made strong tackles, good passes to settle into the game and made good runs forward. My Service needs a little work. I have to be more consistent. During the match I was kicked in the achillies and it took me out. In all I thought I played well. The coaches said I did really well and just need to find a club that fits. Some coaches informed me that I was one of the best outside backs there and had a great combine.


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