Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Arsenal’s Continued Decline

Ball Harambee By Bagga Wilks

The race for the winner of the EPL 2012-13 title is virtually over. Manchester United continues to be the elephant in the race trampling over lesser prey. Manchester City has recovered its form but are too far back to displace Manchester United from the coveted title that City stole in the last day of last season by goal average.

The excitement in the EPL is over which three teams will finish below Manchester United and qualify for the UEFA Champions League where there is the big pay dirt and top players crave to be part of that super league.

That was the reason why the London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham attracted the world’s attention. Victory could be very decisive about the fortunes of which London club would obtain sufficient points to finish behind Manchester United.

Once again with the season on the line Arsene Wenger’s aggregation failed in the crunch. In moments of magic within the space of five minutes, Bale and Lennon, Tottenham speed balls, broke down the square Arsenal defensive line and made it 2-0. Bale and Lennon revealed the importance of top flight players coming through in the big games.

Giroud and Walcott could not be found. Wilshere was persistent but not really effective. And Ramsey, Wenger’s anointed, was his old disappointing self. Diaby was again injured.

It is unlikely that Arsenal will qualify for UEFA in 2013-2014. At this stage, it appears that the four teams will be Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham and Chelsea.

Arsenal is now slightly above the mediocre and below an elite team. It will become increasingly difficult for them to sell out their newly magnificent stadium. There is just nothing magnificent about Arsenal’s play.

Manchester United would not be in their exalted position were it not for the acquisition of Van Persie. Tottenham would not have been contenders for the top four position of the EPL were it not for Bale. The Welsh striker is proving that he is one of the top forwards in the game at this moment and can change a game in a jiffy. Tottenham has also strengthened its back four and their central defender, Dawson is having an awesome season.

Arsenal is in a quandary. The club is financially sound but their team is creatively unappealing. What may have worked in the past has now become anachronistic. Arsenal is on the verge of becoming the dinosaur of English football. As the soul singer, Sam Cooke stated, “a change is got to come”.

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