Monday, September 16, 2013

The Bitter Fruit of the Transfer Market

Ball Harambee by Bagga Wilks

Transfers at the eleventh hour can strengthen or weaken a team. It also means not good news for those already in the roster. The transfer of Fellaini from Everton to Manchester United will unquestionably strengthen the Manchester United mid-field. It will mean Anderson might never be a regular starter for Manchester United and Cleverly will see less playing time.

Arsenal is the beneficiary of the Gareth Bale trade to Real Madrid as it made Ozil available. In his first game Ozil settled in right after the referee’s whistle even though it often takes players coming into the EPL one year to adjust. Wenger’s patience paid off and as they displayed against Sunderland Arsenal, will be a contender all season.

Mourinho acquired the players he wanted to possible triumph in his return to Stamford Bridge. Samuel E’too made his debut. Willian, the Brazilian, was not included in the roster and the new Chelsea is still struggling to find the right chemistry.

Manchester City is also struggling to integrate new players and a new coach. They are far from sharp and could only manage a draw at Stoke City. The departed Tevez is rejoicing as he will get to play regularly as the point striker for Juventus in Serie A. Juventus has readily integrated Tevez into the lineup even though they could only manage a draw against the newly reconstructed Inter Milan.

A.C. Milan sent Prince Boateng to Schalke in the Bundesliga, and re-possessed Kaka who had wallowed in Real Madrid’s bench since he transferred to La Liga a couple years ago. Kaka will now play regularly and try to get back to the form of the old Kaka. He joins with Balotelli and Robinho but Robinho against Torino was not in the game. Kaka did not sparkle. A.C. Milan drew 2-2 with Torino in a game that Torino deserved to win.

Across the river in La Liga, Spain, Neymar is settling in and his combined play with Messi should produce numerous highlights. One wonders why Alex Song transferred to Barcelona as in the prime of his career when he had established himself in the EPL. He has become a bench warmer at Barcelona.

Bale scored in his debut for Real Madrid but Real Madrid’s game ended up as a draw. All eyes are on Bale to determine if he can live up to the money spent for his acquisition. Like Ozil, he might not need much time to justify the bounty on his head.

Those who have lost places as a result of eleventh hour trades will certainly seek new pastures in the January transfer market.

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