Thursday, August 20, 2009

EPL Will Lose Internet Streaming Battle

The improvement in technology for caused the music industry to suffer for not adapting to the digital revolution. Now, after also taking newspapers, film and television in as victims, football is next. In particular, English football. The English Premier League is refusing to adapt to improvements in Broadband speeds and the increasing popularity in internet streaming and peer-to-peer streaming. By doing so, the EPL is fighting a losing battle.
By ignoring the potential of online streaming, the EPL has become vulnerable in terms of his dependence on the television deal it brokered with BSkyB. The Premiership business model, which has raked in billions over the years, has revealed its weaknesses in terms of focussing massively on a domestic market. The EPL therefore sells rights abroad at far lower prices, which makes less sense given the fact that there are a far greater number of viewers abroad than at home.
The price differences have become so vast that fans in the UK have to pay £46 a month to watch only a few games featuring their own sides, while, for example, in China, EPL games are to be broadcast on free-to-air television. The Sky monopoly means fans have to buy the standard Sky package before investing further to view Sky Sports, rather than buying the latter in a stand-alone deal.

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