Sunday, April 3, 2011

Winning Championships and the Management Factor: AC Milan 3-0 Inter

Again we saw the significance of management in the derby spectacle of A.C. Milan v Inter Milan. Leonardo has done a decent job with Inter Milan since the club fired Rafael Benitez. Both Allegri, the A.C. Milan manager and Leonardo, the Inter Milan manager are “young Turks” as head coaches in the world of soccer. Leonardo still has a lot to learn as a tactician. Allegri seems to be learning fast as a manager. He is beginning to recognize that mid-field cannot be comprised of runners and has brought in the aging but still formidable Seedorf in mid-field. He played the indefatigable Prince Boateng right behind strikers Pato and Robinho. It might have been a blessing for Allegri and A.C. Milan that Ibrahimovic missed the game as a result of a prior red card.
Allegri has been skillful in putting together the A.C. Milan team. Van Bommel at defensive mid-field has made quite a difference and the pace and creativity of Pato and Robinho make quite a dynamic strike force.
The Inter-Milan team revolves around Sneidjer’s playmaking but the team lacks the combination of youth and experience that is the case with A.C. Milan. A.C. Milan won 3-0 and the title is now within their grasp and that will be a remarkable achievement for the young manager, Allegri.

A manager’s job is to make a collection of players into a “well-oiled” machine. To achieve greatness, great teams need the guidance of great managers. Sir Alex Ferguson and Allegri have shown that the critical role of the conductor of the symphony is to ensure that everyone plays from the same musical score.

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