Friday, April 27, 2012

Drawing Down the Final Curtain

Ball Harambee By Bagga Wilks

It’s curtain call for the Wolves. They will be relegated to England's Championship League at the end of the season. For two seasons they fought gallantly to stay afloat in the Premier League. What they lacked in talent they made up for it in tenacity. The tenacity this season waned. Wolves is a classical example of a club with limited resources up against moguls with unlimited riches willing to spend and compete in the English Premier League.

The Wolves are gone but the race to stay afloat may very well obviously come down to the remaining three games. Aston Villa, Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn and Queens Park Rangers are all fighting for their club life to stay afloat in a League where profits are more bountiful than the League below.

Manchester United
It is inconceivable that Manchester United playing at Old Trafford with a lead of five points could have scored four goals and in turn give up four goals to Everton. The lead is now reduced to three points and when the two Manchester giants meet head to head it will determine who wears the crown for 2012.

Down to the Wire
In the world of sports, athletes go in and out of form. Teams finish strong while others limp across the finish line. Everton is finishing in fine form. Newcastle is vying for a Champion League spot. Not only are they finishing with a bang but they possess the talent that can make them contenders for next year.

Liverpool has won a Carling Cup and will play Chelsea in the final of the FA Cup. In the standings of the actual League, they have finished below expectations but many of the games that they lost or drew, they dominated the opposing team. They will be contenders next year.

Arsenal find themselves in third place, perhaps undeservingly. They lack a genuine playmaker and unless that void is filled in the summer, they could find themselves struggling to stay afloat in the middle of the pack next year.

Tottenham simply fell from grace and have not been able to climb out of the doldrums. There is an abundance of talent at the club but Harry Redknapp’s boys have gone cold at a time when they should be demonstrating their football prowess.

Manchester City has been able to put it all together again when it is needed the most. It’s been a long, grueling season with players fighting back from injuries and players fighting the pain while they give it their all in the closing days of the season. It all comes down to the battle royale between Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini. The epic on April 30 should bring out the best in both teams and a tribute to a terrific professional league.

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