Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mancini’s Moment of Hope

Ball Harambee By Bagga Wilks

Mancini’s Manchester City captured their old form and simply tore apart Norwich’s defense on Saturday afternoon. Tevez was terrific scoring a hat trick. Aguero was prolific and scored a brace. Yaya Toure was an unstoppable force. Manchester City won 5-1 and closed the gap by two points leading Manchester United.

Manchester had veered off course as they lost 1-0 to Wigan. But this Sunday playing at home, Manchester United destroyed Aston Villa. Aston Villa is a team investing in their young players but the truth of the matter is that they are not ready for prime time. They are lucky that they are out of the regulation runnings.

The F.A. Cup
Andy Carroll might finally have found his groove at Liverpool. He scored a header in the 87th minute to place his team in the finals of the F.A. cup.

Everton were a goal ahead when a dreadful pass by Distin to his goalkeeper was intercepted by the predatory Luis Suarez. Liverpool deserved to win as they dominated the second half. Liverpool has underperformed in the EPL but are in a position to win both the Carling Cup (mission accomplished) and the F.A. Cup.

Football fans were treated to a terrific game of football as Tottenham Spurs and Chelsea engaged in a battle royale to face Liverpool in the finals of the F.A. Cup. The match was tightly fought and at 1-1, it appears to be anyone’s game. The second goal given to Chelsea was controversial as there is some doubt that in a goalmouth melee if the ball crossed the line.

It was downhill for Tottenham in the closing stages of the game. Mata turned it on when it really mattered and Ramires put the game away with the third and decisive goal. Drogba was the Drogba of old and in opening the scoring showed that Gallas has lost a few steps as the Ivory Coast striker turned on the French central defender and placed a bulldozer in the back of the net.

This is a great victory for Di Matteo who took over from the forgotten Villas-Boas. This pending week might be nightmarish for the interim coach as he faces Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League. As for Harry Redknapp, he has not been able to get the talented Spurs back on track and that forces concern if he is the right manager for the English national team.

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